Attire and Event Coordination

In addition to keeping the dance floor packed and professionally making the announcements, SP Entertainment is involved in the planning and managing of your special event. We personally coordinate with you prior to your party in order to ensure that everything goes as planned. This allows our clients to relax and enjoy their special celebration. What is the point of announcing a toast when the photographer is not ready to take the picture and the venue has failed to pour the champagne? Our DJ’s ensure that everyone is working together as a team so you can focus on having a great time. We are also professionally and neatly dressed to fit your celebration. Wedding attire typically consists of tuxedos and we can dress according to the theme of any celebration.

Our Sound and Lighting Equipment

A DJ’s equipment is the tools for a worry-free event. SP Entertainment uses only the latest and best audio and lighting equipment. We invest a lot of money in our audio and visual systems and replace equipment on a yearly basis. This investment ensures that our equipment is in top shape. We also carry a full-back system on-site in case of an unfortunate situation. 
A typical system includes:
2 JBL PRX 715 15” with horn speakers 1,500 watts –Valued at $1800.00
1 Denon HC-4500 Midi Controller – Valued at $999.00
1 Denon DNX-500 Pro Mixer – Valued at $999.00
1 Shure Wireless Microphone SLX-247SM58 – Value at $850.00
Housed in a stylish SKB 2 space rack 
CUSTOMIZED lighting effects to fit the style of your event ranging from basic special effects lighting, intelligent lights, lasers, up-lighting, and gobos. Foggers, foam, and bubble machines are available if required.

Emceeing and Announcements

Our style of emceeing depends on the client’s vision for their special celebration. Our DJ’s know how to communicate clearly and concisely over the microphone while commanding the crowd’s attention and avoiding CHEESY comments and tasteless jokes. We know how to keep the energy level going and the event flowing smoothly. You tell us what type of interaction you demand and we will ensure you a flawless celebration. From dinner games, teaching fun dance routines, centerpiece giveaways, to the basic announcements, we will customize a style to fit your vision.

DJ Services

Experience is the key to knowing what songs to play, when to play it, as well as how to transition the genre. Our DJ’s are well experienced in BEAT MIXING all types of music since we have performed at thousands of various types of events. We carry a 500,000 song digital library and welcome pre selected requests, play list, and do not play list. Our music selections are updated daily and we can obtain any song that you demand. We guarantee that will hear only the songs and styles you want and we will avoid playing those that you do not want. 
Whether it’s Big Band, Jazz, Swing, 50’s, 60’s, Motown, 70’s classic rock, 70’s disco, Funk, 80’s fun hits, 80’s flashbacks, 80’s hair bands, Freestyle, Latin Disco, New Wave, Electronic, 90’s, Alternative Rock, Reggae, Trance, Indie, Metal, Techno, House, Country, Top 40, the latest CLEAN-RADIO EDITED Hip-Hop, Rap and R&B, we carry it and know how to mix the music to keep your crowd on the dance-floor.
We also have a huge Latin selection including Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, Rock En Espanol, Tex-Mex, Punta, Cabareta, Bachata, Banda, Mariachi, Romantica, Nortena and the latest Reggeaton.
Our DJ’s also carry the best Italian, Indian, Arabic, Persian, Armenian, and Greek hits.

Mobile Disc Jockey (DJ), MC, Karaoke, & Photobooth Services